Sports performance analysts are now employed by virtually every professional club 而且 major sporting team to provide 教练, athletes 而且 other support staff with objective data to aid in improving sporting performance. 在这个博客中 Dr John Francis, Course Leader for Applied Sports Performance Analysis MSc,讨论了分析师如何改变体育的未来.

在充满运动的夏季东京奥运会之后, 欧洲足球锦标赛, the British 而且 Irish Lions tour of South Africa, the Tour de France 而且 the Wimbledon Championship, there is one more major sporting international competition that we've been waiting for; the re-arranged 2020 Paralympic Games. 这些比赛真棒, 而且 the athletes that compete in them, have in common, is there is a large support network of individual’s working behind the scenes ensuring they can assist the athletes to achieve their true potential. One of the increasingly utilised support networks is the use of sports performance analysis 而且 the employment of performance analysts.



A clost up picture of sports analysis software next to an ID badge for the Blind Football Championships

现在看体育比赛, 要么在现场,要么在电视上, you will spot individuals with a laptop sitting either in the st而且s or by the side of the coaching team. These individuals, 被称为性能分析师, 是否从镜头中收集有关个人的具体信息和数据, 团队的, 尤其是对手的技术和/或战术行动和行为. This is then used by the coach 而且 other support staff to aid in the evaluation of performances 而且 provide accurate feedback to help inform future decision making.

One of the main reasons for the increase in the use of sports performance analysis 而且 the employment of performance analysts is due to limitations in the ability of humans to recall key information. 此前的研究表明,教练只能准确地回忆起59个单词.2% (SD±15.3)游戏中的关键事件, 可能导致运动员接受有偏见的反馈(莱尔德和沃特斯, 2008). 因此, 通过性能分析人员收集的信息和数据, 教练, athletes 而且 other members of support staff are provided with objective 而且 unbiased information, 哪些可以用来告知决策和提高未来的表现.


Sport performance analysis is now viewed by athletes 而且 教练 to be an essential tool as part of their preparations; informing aspects that need correcting, reinforcing aspects of positive play, 而且 helping to prepare for upcoming games. 最近, in collaboration with another university, I explored how the use of sports performance analysis information 而且 data was used by deaf international athletes to inform their practice (de Martin Silva 而且 Francis, 2021).

Through uploading footage, data 而且 information to an online platform, 聋哑运动员能够在训练之外反思游戏的各个方面, generate an underst而且ing of what upcoming training would entail 而且 work collaboratively to generate a style of play 而且 game plans for upcoming games. This online provision worked alongside in-person sessions to maximise the limited time when the team trained together 而且 helped them prepare for games. 运动员们不仅觉得他们有一种相互联系的学习方法, 提前提供机会, during 而且 after sessions to engage in further discussion 而且 consolidate their learning through the objective feedback but also felt they had a greater sense of being part of a team. 通过参与和使用运动表现分析, not only were performance improvements seen, due to increased tactical decision-making, 但运动员和工作人员也有个人的成长.


Two colleagues doing sports analysis on a group of players player wheelchair basketball in front of them

Whilst the information collected by performance analysts can be used to reflect on current or previous performances, it is becoming more widely used to look further ahead at what the best athletes 而且 teams in the world are currently doing 而且 what they may do in the future. 这种方法和性能分析人员产生的见解, 让教练和运动员改变他们为未来比赛做准备的方式.

Within men’s elite wheelchair basketball, we have created a series of predictive models to better underst而且 the key tactical com玉米饼nts for team success (Francis, Owen 而且 Peters, 2019) 而且 field-goal success (Francis, Owen 而且 Peters, 2021) based on performances in 2015 而且 2016. We found classification 而且 the combination of athletes 教练 use during games has a significant effect on the game outcome. Whilst 教练 have traditionally used three of the least impaired players (known as high-point players who are classified as either 4.0 or 4.5) 而且 two of the most impaired players (known as low-point players 而且 are classified as either 1.0 or 1.5)保持在每队14分的分级规则之内, 凯时k66首页的模型显示使用了更多的中点玩家(游戏邦注:即被划分为2或2的玩家).0, 2.5, 3.0 or 3.5)有可能提高球队赢得比赛的整体几率. 有趣的是,在2017年, 2018 而且 2019 team’s that used this line-up at major men’s wheelchair basketball tournaments finished higher in the final tournament st而且ings. We will be monitoring whether this trend is also observed during the men’s tournament at the 2020 Paralympic Games or whether any female teams adopt this tactic. 


凯时k66首页的射击模型也提供了一些有趣的证据来帮助团队. 这突出了当球员在篮筐附近投篮时, 无论是右肘还是底线他们都有更高的投篮成功率. Their likelihood of being successful was also increased when teams passed the ball amongst teammates before shooting. 投篮前要移动几次球, the defence has to adjust potentially leaving a space or area on the court free for an athlete to shoot. In a similar manner, it will be interesting to see where 而且 how shots are taken from during the current tournament or whether individuals’ default to driving into the key 而且 taking shots under pressure.

So, 而你正在热切地观看残奥会或其他重大体育赛事, 记住所有运动员背后都有一个团队在工作,这是很有用的. 还有理疗师, 教练, doctors 而且 lawyers, sports performance analysts make up a key part of an entourage designed to improve 而且 refine sporting performance. By analysing tactics, 评估数据并对过去的表现提供客观的看法, 使用最先进的技术, 分析人员可以塑造世界范围内精英水平运动和体育成就的未来.



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Dr John Francis has an array of applied 而且 research experience in performance analysis with elite able-bodied 而且 disabled sports teams. John is the principal lecturer on the MSc Sport (Applied Performance Analysis) 并在六届欧洲杯期间为多支球队提供支持, three World Championships, 一次世界杯和一次残奥会.